Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hot new Olivia Clutches!

I've been working on these 2 clutches, I just love the green and hot pink together! So cute!

They measure approximately 11" wide at the bottom and 6.25" tall. They have a magnetic snap closure, ribbons can be loosened or tighted as desired.



Sue said...

Cool! That second one reminds me of a Day of the Dead theme.


karen said...

I like that pink lining A LOT! It's like a little surprise for your eyes. And the other fabric - it's so you! And so any other big Halloween fans out there. I'm making my list... And I still owe you for the others. I haven't forgotten.

Katie said...

Love them Ronna! We need to chat soon. Mia keeps talking about swimming with "cousin Wexy". She can't say her L's very well, LOL!

Ronna said...

Sue! I love that...Day of the Dead! Thanks for that, I'm going to use that on my next title post!
Karen and Katie, I totally appreciate your support. Thanks for comments.