Saturday, June 12, 2010

Additions to Makeup Bag inventory

More finished and ready to ship Makeup Bags.

SOLD, Thank You Sue!


Katie said...

LOVE them with the zipper! The shape of these bags are so cute. Can't wait to see you tomorrow (or Friday!)Mia is so excited to see "cousin Wexi Woo" Hahaa, she hears me call her Lexi Lou so I guess she picked up on it ;-)

karen said...

These are great! I love MY bag!

Amber said...

Cute makeup bags. That's exciting that you are selling them at a boutique. I bet you will sell them fast. It's hard to find fun makeup bags.
The tags you ordered from Jennifers Jewels, are they the satin tags?

Ronna said...

Thanks Amber, The tags are from Jennifers Jewles. their not satin.
They are the iron on.

Sue said...

Do you still have this pink and black make-up bag with the hearts...or can you make another one like it? I'm thinking it would make a great Christmas present for my little granddaughter with some neat stuff inside.


Ronna said...

Thank You Sue!