Monday, August 2, 2010

Crayon Folder - SOLD

Last year when I started sewing again, I bought the pattern for this cute little crayon folder, and I got so excited about it that I got carried away cutting all the cute fabric I wanted to make these with but I got tired of making them after I had made a few, and havent gotten around to finishing everything I cut! So I've had a stack of cut fabric for these for almost a year now! (Cant believe it's been that long) and frankly I'm tired of looking at them and telling myself, "I should get to those", well I finally picked one up and finished it. It was nice to work on something else and take a short brake from the other projects. This Crayon folder is for sale, priced at $14.00 crayons included! I've been looking for mini sticker books or mini coloring books to include with these too. If anyone has seen any please let me know. Thanks.

Approx Dimentions: 8 3/4 wide x 6 1/2 tall when closed.
It features a velcro closure for easy opening and closing, durable grosgrain ribbon handles, a sticker pocket, paper pocket and crayon pockets that hold up to 12 crayons! A fun accessory for keeping crayons organized and portable for any little artist!


karen said...

Ilove the one I have here. It's always ready for when the kids come to visit!

Katie said...

Mia loves hers :) We take it to church every week!