Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pleated Shoulder Bag

Great size for everyday use, Magnetic snap closure, 1 open pocket for your cell phone, and a pen pocket.
Approximate Dimensions: 11.5" (top) - 15" (bottom) wide, 15" tall, Shoulder strap is approximately 21"

I really like this pink and green fabric. During my last trip to California I went to see a good friend of mine that I used to work with at Boeing, She retired from Boeing and opened a fabric/Quilt Shoppe. Gingers Quilt Shoppe in Upland, CA.

When I bought the fabric I had absolutely no plans for it, I just loved the pink and green colors together. I was really excited when I found the pattern for this bag and started cutting the fabric. I'm so happy with the result. If you like this fabric as much as I do, but would like a clutch or different style bag, please let me know!

Check back for more Pleated Shoulder Bags...I'll be posting them soon!


Sue said...

This is adorable! I am going to use one of your bags for a blog giveaway I'm having in a couple of weeks. My readers are going to love these!


Heather Anderson said...

Yes, love this one too... you are so talented! How did you make those little boxes at the end of your post?

Ronna said...

Thanks Sue, I'll have a few more things listed to choose from soon. I'm so excited for your giveaway! hehe Heather, thanks for the nice compliments. To add the reactions to your post, go to Layout, then click on edit in the blog posts section. There's a reaction option that you have to check for those boxes to show up.

Sue said...

This is the bag I want to use for the giveaway, Ronna. Can you send me a Paypal invoice? Then just hang onto it until I give you the address of the winner, okay?



Ronna said...

Sounds Good Sue. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

so cute cant wait to get mine in june :)
ashley lemos